Friday, November 13, 2009

Blast From the Past

I wrote my admissions essay for FIT on the subject of Saved by the Bell (Lisa Turtle got accepted to FIT on the last episode). Sounds silly, but don't we all look to the stars of popular TV shows for fashion inspiration? Just think about the Gossip Girl phenomenon. While these shows aren't always on the cutting edge for trends, they give them life which benefits the designers featured, inspires other designers to create their own version, and hopefully keeps middle America looking sharper:) Take the hugely popular hit show Gossip Girl. XO-XO- your future headband-adorned hair. My biggest thank-you to Gossip Girl is for popularizing the "GLUNGE" look (Glamour+grunge; future post)! So looking back, which TV stars inspired our generation? I can't speak for the whole, but I can give you a run-down on my pop style idols:

Check out Kelly Kapowski above. What a sweet cropped t-shirt. Now check out the images on the right ( and note the eerie resemblance. The first is  Free People, the middle is an Elizabeth and James top, and the last is a Bop Basic. Note: Try wearing a cropped tee with a cute one piece underneath, great leggings by David Lerner and boots for a more current look.
How much did you love Blossom? Sunflowers were so popular back then, my mom decorated my bed room in a sunflower theme. Channel your inner blossom here with the mecca of all flowered hats

Hello?! How many current fashion trends are going on in this picture of the 90210 cast? Let's count them:
1. The boyfriend blazer
2. The curve hugging mini dress
3. Black tights
4. The vest
5. Light wash denim

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