Tuesday, January 26, 2010


One of my goals for 2010 was to visit three new cities and last weekend I completed 33.33 percent of that coal with my trip to Austin (fist pump!). Let me just say, AUSTIN IS AMAZING.

From the rolling, broccoli covered hills to the great culture and amazing downtown area, there really isn't much you can't love about the city. Evan just moved there 3 weeks ago and while my to-do list is growing, I'd say I got a pretty great feel for the city over the short weekend. This is Evan's apartment complex and the view from his balcony:

Ironically, we both live in apartment complexes under the same property owners- Greystar. I live in Alexan Black Mountain and Evan lives in Alexan Vistas:) How cute are we?

Saturday, we met up with my boss, Scott and his girlfriend for dinner and drinks at Louie's 106. Louie's is a tapas+wine bar on 6th st (also called Old Pecan St.). It was pretty good, but not as good as my favorite tapas bar in Las Vegas, Firefly.

After dinner we stopped by the Mohawk to see Aesop Rock in concert, but unfortunately everyone else had the same idea and they were sold out:( We ended up having "vegas bombs" and beer at Shakespeares and the Blind Pig Pub (where I left my tab open, and they hate to answer the phone).

One of the best places we went was the Woodland Cafe on S. Congress St. I had the turkey and brie sandwich with cranberry mayo (OMG) and Evan had the reuben (also great). Of course, the main attraction is their apple pie made the old-fashioned way with sliced applies piled a foot high and served hot. Can't wait to go back!

Other favorites from the trip included Feathers, a vintage boutique and Uncommon Objects a vintage heaven for just that, uncommon objects.

Next stop: NYC (not a new city, but definitely my favorite)

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