Saturday, January 16, 2010

inspiration du jour

I think the best part of being in the blogging community is the inspiration I get from other bloggers. Today I stumbled across Crystal's blog, plushpalate, an interior design blog. Her pictures are beautiful and this year being my first year in my own place, I try to gather inspiration for ideas that I can emulate on a budget. Right now I love the things I have purchased to date, but the place is still pretty empty and probably will be until I get a raise;) ahem... boss, if you're reading. Here are a couple pictures I snapped tonight, because I was liking the lighting:

I've been living in a 2 bedroom apt for 6 months now with the 2nd bedroom being empty. Tomorrow I am finally getting a bed and a dresser for the 2nd room!! I'm so excited to decorate it and I really liked these rooms on Crystal's blog:

 I'd love to see pictures of your homes! Feel free to send me any ideas at :) xox

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