Friday, February 26, 2010

holy moly

I signed up for Urban Daddy a while ago and am constantly getting awesome ideas for places to rage in Chicago, but not so much in Vegas until... today.. holler. I highly recommend signing up! You don't have to tell your friends how you know of these amazing places, just let them think you're, like, the funnest person alive

February Madness
Lobster and Beer Pong Come to CityCenter
This time of year, your mind turns to sports. March Madness. Spring training. The everlasting appeal of watching Lindsey Vonn. Oh, and gambling.

Which brings us to Vegas, which just became home to a different kind of competitive gaming.

No, not curling...

Welcome to Todd English P.U.B., a Stripside sports bar that happens to play host to some of Las Vegas's most competitive suds-related sports, open now.

In short, it's your friendly neighborhood sports bar, as reinterpreted by Vegas. So while there are plenty of TVs if you feel like catching the game, and yes, it's a pretty good place to keep tabs on your bracket while tucking in to a lobster cocktail or two, you can also think bigger. Roaring crowds. Citywide fame. And, in particular, beer pong, the kind with a dedicated table and a level of glory previously only available in the giant slalom.

Of course, if you crave even more adulation (and we see no reason why you shouldn't), you can take a stab at the more challenging drink specials. There's one that promises a free pint if you can down it in seven seconds or less—they have special seven-second hourglasses to keep time, because these things must be measured scientifically—and another that offers half-price drinks whenever it rains. (As if you needed an excuse to make it rain...) And if you need a few little neck clams or a roasted duck bun to power your athletic feats, there's a raw bar and carving station (courtesy of Todd English) at your disposal.

Oyster pong is there for the inventing...

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