Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Weekend

Boyfrand came to visit for the long weekend and we didn't really do anything we planned but we still had a great, relaxing weekend watching movies, eating out, and cooking (and failing) for Jenn, Alana, and Claire's cook-out. 
Friday we lunched at Settebello in Green Valley. It's an authentic Italian pizzeria with the thinnest, most delicious pizza and unique toppings. 
I picked the Diavola (spicy!): crushed tomatoes, finnochiona (peppered salame), roasted red bell peppers, crushed red peppers, garlic, mozzarella, and extra virgin olive oil. 
Evan ordered the Capricciosa: crushed tomatoes, prosciutto, artichoke hearts, roasted mushrooms, olives, mozzarella, basil, and extra virgin olive oil.
Friday night we had dinner downtown at Firefly in the Plaza. It's my favorite restaurant in Vegas and both of our favorite dishes are the crispy duck rolls which used to only be offered at the Paradise Rd. location but to my delight have now appeared on the menu at the Plaza and I am SO HAPPY!
Saturday was spent lounging by the pool and being lazy. Even though it was a little chilly and not that sunny, somehow Evan still managed to get sun while I remain albino. Oh well, thanks to my French and Irish ancestors I don't think I'll ever be dark but I'm learning to embrace it.
Saturday night we had dinner outside at Cabo Wabo on the strip because it was so nice out and it's a great place to people watch. Dinner just wouldn't be dinner in Las Vegas without being joined by a cross dresser, the Mad Hatter, Gene Simmons, Marilyn Monroe, and Elvis right?
Easter sunday we had brunch outside at The District and then spent the remainder of the day attempting twice to make carrot cake cupcakes with cream cheese frosting and failed both times. We realized after the second time that the recipe was off and of course the reviews confirmed this. argh!!! But we salvaged the frosting for fruit dip and ended up making spinach and goat cheese tartlets which I, unfortunately, did not photograph in the rush to get to the BBQ. 

{PS. Did you know that a pound of confectioner's sugar has 1800 calories?}
{A good reason to share all of the cupcakes I'd rather eat myself}
{Avi and Marlow had fun at the cook-out too but Marlow was a scaredy cat and knocked a mimosa all over Michelle, so he had to be put in time-out}
{yes, Marlow wore overalls}
{and my Easter Lillies bloomed. Sent from Evan last week}
This weekend I am flying to Austin and then Evan and I are road-tripping all the way to St. Louis for a wedding. Thinking of ideas to make this road trip fun... most likely we will just get into a fight about something like whether the sky is blue or cerulean and then not talk for 10 hours. I'll let you know;)


MsHark said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog! I did end up buying the Hunters, and I noticed, they are super heavy! They were hard to find like you said but I ended up getting them from Nordstrom. I plan to get the fleece inserts too, thanks!

OK so I decided I *need* that disco city clutch by F+C. Its so cute. I want it in the black, too, I think Revolve has it. Just one question, does the flap part fold over easily? On my mid-city it is sort of awkward when it folds over. I'd want to make sure this folds over really easily.

and one last question - who makes those black heels in the post with the boyfriend jeans, black blazer & the disco city clutch? cute.

Sorry for the longest comment ever!

(Not just another blonde in beijing)

KRISTIN said...
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KRISTIN said...

Glad you decided to go for the boots!

The flap on the Disco City does fold over pretty easily but it doesn't lay perfectly flat. My Mid City does, but it's made from really soft leather- this is thicker and it was a little awkward at first but it's laying nicer now with use. Even so, I'd still recommend it. I get a lot of compliments and it holds a surprising amount for such a little bag. I use a card holder with it- it won't fit a wallet.

The shoes are Aldo!