Monday, May 3, 2010

I've got a fever...

I'd redecorate my apartment every 6 months if I could, but unfortunately my budget has not even allowed me to fully furnish it once yet (headboard However, I'll gladly play with someone else' money all day long which is why I love when Evan asks me for help with his apartment! That, and Austin has so much more to offer than Las Vegas. He's already agreed to accompany me to "Uncommon Objects" if I can prove to him why geographical maps of the united states are needed in every room or how nudie girl playing cards can be sophisticated (a guy that needs convincing of this? keeper!).

Do you watch "Giuliana and Bill" on E!News? If you don't you need to start, and if you do, have you noticed their Chicago home? I'm in love! I especially love the Jonathan Adler classic, monogrammed pillows they have in the living area to ground all of the whimsical elements in the room. Realistically, I need to find a good imitation but these are sure fun to look at:
I also really love this graphic, colorful wall I saw on plush palate:
*images via ABCD Design and Lonny

Of course, you must ALWAYS include something with a personal touch. I'm no professional, but I'm a big fan of acrylic on canvas.
 I know the patterns are crooked because I have no patience but still, it was fun doing it and they make my apartment feel warm.

Evan loves red, but black and red together can be too harsh, in my opinion, unless there is a mix of pattern, shape, and texture present to soften the look. I'm thinking of painting him a fire truck or ice-cream truck like this painting I found on design*sponge by Ruth Jackson:
I also feel like he may or may not NEED a globe to keep his brandy company on the bar:
{and a cactus}
Isn't my neighbor's cacti family cute (minus the disgusting satelite dish)?
Do you have a favorite piece in your home or something you've been dying to own?
I'd love to see it!


Morning Cloak said...

I know how that feels trading off between stuff for the home and stuff for the closet! On impulse I always choose fashion, but sometimes I feel like there's almost more pleasure in the home stuff - it's more permanent or something :)

UnoCosa said...

decisions can be hard - but a girl can always dream, right ;-))) xx