Friday, May 14, 2010

Jeffrey Campbell and Polka Dots

Jeffrey Campbell 'Mary Roks' Open Toed booties from Shopbop in on-trend grey, paired with sheer polka dot socks from Anthropologie


Le Podka Dot Chic said...

your blog is so cute! i love it! my blog is all about polka dots so you know i love this post! :)


MsHark said...

cute! I would love to see a full outfit pic with these!!

UnoCosa said...

hiya! love love this combo! and thanks for stopping by ... sorry it took awhile for me to get back!!!


KRISTIN said...

le podka dot, I love polka dots too!! I have another post on them from April:)

Steph, I will definitely do an outfit post. It's something my blog lacks, but I live alone and by the time I get home from work I head straight for the sweats.

Unocosa, no worries you're just busy keeping up with your amazing blog.

xo Kristin

Caitlin said...

This picture made me laugh as I remembered that phase we went through at WWMS where we shopped for the craziest socks we could find and were so stoked about wearing them to school the next day. Finally finding those pink leopard ones was bliss! Love, love, love reading your blog!

KRISTIN said...

I know Cait I wish I would have saved all of them! Especially those fuzzy leopard sneaks we had