Sunday, May 16, 2010

Rock N Wine

There is a really cool event that takes place monthly in Las Vegas called "Rock N Roll Wine." Last month I was so bummed to have missed the first one of the summer, but I made it to last night's at the M Resort. Rock N Roll Wine hosts wine tasting and a concert all in one venue for a small price. Last month JET played and was opened by the Crash Kings (Who I love!) and last night's was a reggae theme opened by Peter Goetz and closed by Michael Black.

The energy was amazing and I must say Las Vegas is home to an interesting bunch of characters! I couldn't believe how many wines there were available to taste. I really admire wino's but I really can't call myself one. I took a high level wine course in college, but there was so much information to learn I ended up retaining the bizarre and totally useless facts like that red and white wines are both made from red grapes, but white wine ferments with the grape skin off or that there really aren't native wines in the USA as most wine is made from the European species Vitis vinifera and can be grafted in the United States. I hope those statements are both true, because I didn't verify my memory is accurate.

Anyways, I tried so many delicious wines last night. I tried to stick to white only because I didn't want grey teeth, but I did get a few reds in as well as PLUM SAKI and CHOCOLATE wine (oh yes).

Check it out!

{Yes, I'm burnt. It wasn't painful like it appears, but always wear sunscreen!}

If you'd like to see if Rock N Roll Wine is hosting an event near you, visit their website here.
They host events in Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Atlantic City, and Ann Arbor currently. I heard they rumor they may expand to Austin, Chicago, and Phoenix.

{I'm wearing a Catherine Malandrino dress}

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Abigail said...

Kristin! I love Chocovin--I had it this weekend(-: Yummy!