Monday, May 3, 2010

summer lovin...

...had me a blast

{lakeshore last summer. chicago}


Friend in Fashion said...

Love sunny days at the beach! You look so cute :) Adore the halter swimmers!

Luv Friend in Fashion

MsHark said...

aww how fun! you do look adorable!

Hey, I know you were lusting after that shopbop necklace, did you get the 15% off shopbop email? 2 days only, I think. Code is inthefamily15 - I know, I'm an instigator/enabler. haha!


KRISTIN said...

Thanks!! Steph, you are so mean. JK I just saw that e-mail when I got to the office! ahh... why do they tempt me. I may have to cave!

Thanks for the heads up.