Wednesday, May 12, 2010

"Texans. They love God, trucks, and Cheesits"

So off to austin, I went. Again. Every time is a little bit different as I explore new parts of the city and the state of Texas. I honestly didn't take too many non-editorial type pictures because I was having so much fun enjoying the moments, I forgot to capture them. It happens. We shopped, we drank, and we ate A LOT. Check it out:
Friday I walked around South Congress for a little bit while Evan worked. I made sure to stop by my favorite Austin vintage store, Feathers Boutique, and did NOT leave empty handed.

After I got my fill of shopping, Evan met me and we had lunch at South Congress Cafe. Now, this took a lot of courage because we always eat at the Woodland, which I've posted about before. South Congress was a lot noisier and more posh than the Woodland, but the food was excellent. I had the seafood parfait and a cup of duck and oyster gumbo. mmmmmm.

We met up with boyfran's office mate and his room mate later that night at Guerro's Taco Bar for tequila shots and then headed to several really cool bars in the west 4th street area (I think). If you love mac n' cheese, you need to go to 219 West and order theirs. I had a few bites of Mike's and I almost passed out.

Saturday, I looked up Austin's best burger joints on yelp and found this sweet gem of a place right in the heart of somewhere I may not like to be out alone at night called "Your Mom's." The name was what really prompted me to go. Ohh, and the reviews.

This place is AWESOME. Check out the menu, and if your mouth does not start watering you should get to the Dr. pronto.

Logo and first photo courtesy of your mom. hahaha.
This was my burger. I ordered the Frida Kahlo which will blow your mind. It's stuffed with chorizo and pepperjack cheese!!

Saturday night we decided to stay in and cook our own meal (how are we both not 500lbs?! I'm making myself sick with all of this food talk. Next time, I vow more shopping and less eating!!). We stopped at the grocery to stock Evan's new liquor cabinet and decided to use the bourbon (ew) for dessert. 
You can find the recipes for our lamb, sauteed carrots (you need the dill), and sauteed bananas in praline sauce here, here, and here. And you can find your nearest gym here (kidding).

Texas is a beautiful state in general. I'm still waiting to see an armadillo in order to believe they actually exist. 
These were taken at The Salt Lick in Driftwood, TX.

I don't know when my next trip to Austin is, but I'm always excited to go! If you've been and had any great experiences, please share tips and places to go in the comment section and I'll be sure to check them out!

xo, kristin


HeatherClark said...

aww this looks SO fun! I've never been to austin but I've always wanted to go

i actually need some tips for gonna be there may 22-24 and my girlfriend and i want to treat ourselves to a nice dinner...any recommendations? have you heard of union? we are thinking of going there...


Anonymous said...

I love the Austin pics, and I especially love it that Nick and I are representin in the background!!!!!! (our save the date picture) hahaha