Thursday, June 3, 2010

Back to Texas- Where the Only Thing Getting Bigger is My Credit Card Bill

Well, it's that time again. Time to get down Texas-style this weekend. I've been going to Austin every month lately instead of alternating months between Austin and Vegas because the airline tickets to Vegas are double the price. Boyfran is just paying for my tickets every other time until the prices come down (WHICH I HOPE IS SOON!!!). I used to pay $230 for a round-trip to Austin on Southwest and now I pay $330-400. It's ridiculous but, the good thing is I only need one more trip and then I earn another free one. Woo! 

Here's what I have on my list of things to do this trip:
Float the Guadalupe River
Hike and check out the Hamilton Pool

Watch the sun go down at the Oasis

Luckily, I have the best job ever and we work flex-hour work weeks, which means we basically don't work Fridays ever (in the office anyways). This makes traveling very convenient for me which is an awesome perk. I'll be heading back to the Lone Star State for 4th of July weekend (5 whole nights!) so I plan to occupy my time with anything I don't fit in now as well as BBQ-ing (serious business in Texas). If you know of anything I have to do the next time I'm there, PLEASE leave a comment!

Until next time y'all.

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Marie Z. said...

Enjoy your trip! Fridays off? K, I'm jealous!

Miyan said...

I love reading that you are in Austin so much!!! Do you and the boyfran ever go to the greenbelt?? It's really amazing, its like a nature reserve that you hike to and can then layout and swim. And have you guys ever experienced the bats that fly out from under the Congress bridge around sunset?? Its so crazy how many of them there are, they look like a swarm of bees. Anyways, ask around if not, its really something cool to experience... I'm flying to Texas for the 4th of July as well (from Israel) but think I will be in Dallas most of my time, 2.5 weeks, with my family..also- have you hit up the amazing outlet mall in San Marcos??

Tanya (a Taste of T) said...

Wonderful. Im new to Austin and your guide is brilliant :).

HeatherClark said...

ah i remember to san diego were closer to $100 then crept to closer to $200-the free flight for southwest is great though...just be sure to book your free flight asap cuz those tickets sell out fast