Monday, June 14, 2010

DIY: Tissue Paper Flowers

My family threw a party for my baby sister's high school graduation and 19th birthday over the weekend. I wanted to surprise her with a little hand-made love, so I strung tissue paper flowers from the rafters of gazebo. Turns out, they were a big hit so I thought I'd do a post on how to make these simple, but beautiful party favors. Unfortunately I didn't bring my camera home, so I'll have to let my iPhone do the talkin'. Please excuse the terrible picture quality.
Step 1: Lay 6-10 pieces of tissue paper in a stack and scallop the longest edges using scissors
The edges not need to be perfect, but the flowers look more professional if they are. I was in a hurry:
 Step 2: Fold the tissue accordion-style in strips of about an inch
Step 3: Fold the tissue in half width wise to find the center and then unfold
Step 4: Secure with a pipe-cleaner
Step 5: Start fanning out the paper on both sides into a circle 
(I secured store-bought ribbon curls to the center of a few at this point).
Step 6: When you have both sides fanned out, start separating and pulling up the layers of tissue
to form the petals
 Step 7: Play with the layers until they are to your liking! You can pull them forward on both sides to create full flowers or all to the front, like I did, to create one-dimensional flowers.
 Step 8: Using extra pipecleaners, create bouquet and place in vase or as I did, string them from 
the ceiling/trees using fishing wire. 

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MsHark said...

The flowers are so pretty! I think even with the great step by step how-to I'd mess them up! LOL. I'm not craftsy at all. LOVE them!

Erika ~TiptoeButterfly~ said...

OH MY! - WHAT memories these bring - i use to make these all the time in summer camp and in school! - i would then have my mom buy me all the stuff to make them for everyone i knew! - i loved these as a kid - and now as a big kid, i think i'm totally fallen' hard again!

*kiss kiss*
~Tiptoe Butterfly~