Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Going Going.. Back Back.. to Cali Cali

FINALLY! My first trek across the desert this summer is happening on Friday! I've been waiting forever it seems and of course, it's a grand high of 67 degrees this weekend at the beach, but who even cares?! One of my best friends, Sama (short for Samantha), just moved into a new pad in Beverly Hills, which definitely fulfills number 2 out of 3 new cities to visit on the New Year's Resolution list, and I can't wait to check it out! Saturday may be spent in Hermosa Beach, which is where I spent a few weekends last summer, and is one of my favorite little places. I can't wait to visit the little shop that I scored my Hawaiin side table at, right off of the pier. 
If the weather surprises us and decides to behave like a good little summer, maybe I'll get to debut my new Vitamin A bikini.
This is just the start of the official Vegas-SoCal weekend trade-off, summer series.
Have a favorite place I HAVE TO SEE this summer in SoCal? Please let me know!
As you all know, I'm a big shopper and a big foodie so anything involving the two will fit the bill. 

The fact that my iPhone took the last photo and the scenery STILL looks like that... well, let's just say the ride may be boring, but it ain't boring, ya know?

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vicky h. said...

ok, I'm not sure which of these you know but I'll have a go anyways :)

I'm sure your friend will know her way around LA, here are some things in orange county:

- Newport: South Coast Plaza (and Nordstrom Rack is right around the corner) and Fashion Island (loveee IT!!)
Also in Newport there is Crystal Cove, a little shopping/living area and there is Mastro's Ocean Club and Javiers! I just saw that there is a Mastros (best buttercake on earth, my friends and I have gone a couple of times for just dessert) that just opended in Vegas, so you might already know that but Javiers is TO DIE for mexican food!!

- Irvine: Irvine Spectrum (but you'll get most of the regular stores you'll find in a mall here)

- Laguna Beach: go down Forest Avenue and all the little boutiques...there is an LF one, suuuuch cute stuff!! also Muse (further back on Forest as well), if you're down in Laguna, there are a ton of places to eat! Sapphire is great for lunch on the patio, right along PCH. Also love Mosun, also right on PCH, for sushi. They have such amazing specialty rolls, try the burning sunset!! If you're down there by any chance around breakfast time, I really like Zinc Cafe on Ocean Ave (2 over from Forest).

you'll have such a fun time! I'll be there for 2 weeks in July, can't wait :)

xox Vicky
Bikinis & Passports

Marie Z. said...

I LOVE California! Do you have room for me in your suitcase? ha ha. Have a great trip!

Tanya (a Taste of T) said...

Oooh have fun!

Marie said...

The best part about your little table is the framed pic =) that same on is on my fridge