Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Dear Momma,

It's been 5 years tomorrow. So many things have changed since the day you passed. Our family has crossed so many bridges together that sometimes I lose track of where we're trying to get. For the most part, you would be proud of us.

The biggest change is that you are a grandmother. His name is Brighton and he is everything good in the world. Morgan is a caring mother and she is just like you. Taylor was named "Best Dressed" in her high school class but she is ditching her stilettos to serve our country in the Air Force. She graduated Sunday. She is so beautiful. Andrew has grown up as a perfect example of a boy with three older sisters. He will never mistreat a woman. He is very smart and extremely funny. He remembers you. And me... well, as the oldest, I've accomplished so many things that you didn't get to see.

Let's start from where you left off:
I attended Purdue in the fall, as planned, but you were right; I only stayed in Fashion Design for one semester. Don't worry though, all of those years you helped me to trace Barbie's figure onto paper so that I could draw clothes on her and create elaborate stories for where she would wear them and that time that you helped sew and yes, safety pin, fabric together so that I could put on a fashion show for my 3rd grade class; it all paid off because I did get into my dream school sophomore year. I moved to New York City August 17th, 2007.  I thought of you as the plane flew over Central Park for the first time and Lady Liberty held her torch to me. When we touched down, I thought of how proud you would be. After FIT, I went back to Purdue to graduate with all of the new, lifelong friends I had made. They will dance beside me at my wedding. That's another thing you will miss one day, but don't worry because a part of you will be there tied to my bouquet. I moved to Chicago for a short couple of months looking for jobs, but one day a job just landed on my doorstep. It was my dream job, and I couldn't pass it up. Now I'm here in Vegas, surrounded by glitz and hair extensions buying shoes and jetting off all over the country every weekend, it seems like.

I don't know what the future holds, but don't worry because Dad is the strongest man I know and he would never let any harm come to your 4 children. We've gotten very close over the past 5 years. I'll never have that womanly advice that only a mother can give, but it's kind of nice hearing a man's perspective on things. Why are they so much more rational than us women?

The bottom line is that we're all OK.
I'm sleeping with your quilt tonight though and I'm thinking of the lullaby you wrote us.

Your little girl forever.