Tuesday, July 6, 2010

It's the Unexpected That Changes Our Lives

It's pretty hard to recover all the way from a weekend like this. What started out as an unplanned trip to Cali, turned into one of the best weekends I've had in a long time. While the usual long-weekend would have done the trick, this common visit to Cali was anything but common. 

Let's just say I proudly limped into work today, feeling like a wheelchair would have been of good use, thanks to all of the non-stop dancing I did over the weekend. I used to be shy about dancing, but I think it's safe to say I'm not anymore. Not that I'm a good dancer (I'm definitely not), but I think confidence is something that only grows stronger the older one gets. It also helps that my friends Sean and Tony just got back from the World Cup and brought a long a few vuvuzelas and this song:

Makes you want to jump around African style right? Let me know how that works out for your calves...
The weekend start off in LA at my friend Samantha's and included crepes at the Farmer's Market in the Grove, shopping, a pool day, and a really really fun night of dancing at Boudoir in West Hollywood.
 Me (left): top: Elizabeth&James; shorts: Silence and Noise; shoes: Jeffrey Campbell 'Mary Roks'; arm chain: Chains of Love
Jen (right): top: vintage; skirt: AA; shoes: Aldo; necklace: Forever21

After LA, we drove down to Hermosa Beach to hang out with my guys from college. They have an annual 4th of July party on the strand which included 8 kegs and an ice luge this year. It was insane. I used my white Holga to snap photos that day, so I'll have those up when I get them developed. Everyone thought my camera was a flask!

Monday was spent recovering (or feeding the addiction) with Mimosa's and Brunch at Molly Malloy's, which is where Hermosa Beach became known as Mermosa beach. After a long walk on the beach and some laughs, we finally packed up our stuff and trekked back to Vegas. Today was rather depressing back in the real world. Next up, Cali does Vegas.

I'll leave you with a few photos and another amazing song:

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Cara said...

My best friend used to live in Hermosa, and my aunt and uncle lived in Manhattan beach (just sold and moved to Florida) I miss visiting there so much!!

Abigail said...


Where did you get your blue pullover? It looks sooo comphy. P.s. you are just adorable! Hope all is well (-:


Abby, I got it from American Apparel forever ago! I have it in several colors and it is very comfortable.

Thanks! xo

Sasha B. said...

is this in newport?! if not it totally looks like it! beautiful pics.. looks like a fab fourth :)


Sasha, Hermosa Beach! But I hear Newport is amazing as well! Thanks for following:)

Sherrie Cola said...

Great photos!

MsHark said...

amazing photos!! looks like such a blast. I WANT a freaking panama hat! :) I tried one on here the other day but I looked just silly in it!

you're soo pretty, kristin!


Marie said...

Ummmm are these pix taken with your new camera? The clarity is awesome.... i really need to splurge for a nice camera! loves it


yeah yeah Nikon D5000! You will not regret your purchase!