Sunday, July 25, 2010

Lost Vegas

Had another fun weekend with more Cali folk in town. My friend Andrew flew my other friends Tom, Samantha, and Jess into Vegas from Long Beach on a Cessna. He sells planes for a living and gets some great perks!
Friday night was spent at The Bank. I happened to wear a white dress and everyone else was in black, which in Vegas always means 'Bachelorette Party' so we ran with it for a little while and I wore Sama's ring.
White dress is from Bebe. For other labels, please comment below.
Saturday was my friend Corrie's birthday so we rounded up a bunch of friends and co-workers and bought a cabana at the M Resort's Daydream Pool. The Daydream is my favorite pool in Vegas because it's far less crowded, and therefore cleaner,than most party pools and in addition to that, the M Resort is beautiful. If you're looking to stay somewhere off the beaten path or don't plan to do many 'typical' Vegas things on the strip, I'd look into staying at the M. They have great dining options, fabulous beds, a beautiful pool area, and a really cool wine bar called the "Hostile Grape."
Swim suit from Victoria's Secret. A version of it can be found here. Mine is the Miracle Bra.

Sunday brunch was spent at the Peppermill gorging ourselves with an enormous amount of food and having a cocktail at the Fireside Lounge. If you're ever in Vegas, the Peppermill is a landmark.
Yep, that's what you get when you order "fresh fruit" at the Peppermill.
The sky looked amazing tonight from my balcony! I'm sad to see everyone leave, but I'll be making another Cali trip at the end of next month most likely. Maybe I should slow down a bit? Never. 

This Friday I leave for New York, where I'll be for exactly one week. I'll spend the first weekend visiting old friends and the remainder at FFANY (Fashion Footwear Association of New York) scoping out new trends and viewing my brands' spring lines.

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Gabby / Gypsy*Diaries said...

Oh how fun!!! Could you ask your friend to pick me up the next time please???? PLEASE!!!! :)
Have fun in NY babe... I'm a little jealous... :)

Cara said...

Looks like you had a FABULOUS time!!
PS. I want your friend's job!

Marie Z. said...

Great photos! Makes me want to go back to Las Vegas right this minute ; )

Emily said...

I hope there was dancing on tables and moet champagne drinking at Bank to re-live your first trip there.

Fashion-Resort! said...

you are so pretty and you live in vegas? lucky girl, wish i could be you! nice greets from gemany

Blackcowboy said...

sounds like huge fun and a good trip!
Love the pictures!!