Monday, August 23, 2010

 "Do u haz any last wordz?"

I miss my kitty, Lucy (Lucifer when she's mean, which is often).
She's living with the ex-boy's parents because we both moved away and traveled too much to take her.
I think it's time I bring sin kitty to sin city, where she belongs;)

This is Lucy today via Mrs. Gosser:
The Lucemonster at it again.


Lucifer Colbert-Gosser said...

Last wordz--I miz u 2 Kristin. I am a bitin' and rasslin'cat, and would like to make it big in Vegas. My guardians love me and give me a great life, but hey, they are old and this town is a downer. Keep me in mind!


haha!!! Love it! I am traveling back in Sept and October. I'll see if it will work out:)