Thursday, September 2, 2010

Tonight was my second night in a row going to yoga at Sky Blue Yoga in the Arts Factory downtown LV. It's GREAT!! First of all, it's free (donations appreciated). Second of all, I'm gaining all flexibility back and I kind of feel good about being able to wipe the sweat off of my forehead with my knees. Third of all, tonight there was an art exhibit outside of the studio with lots of artsy-downtown folk drinking champagne and painting. Finally, I sleep like a frickin' log. The woman on the website homepage was our instructor last night! Her name is Cheryl and she rubs peppermint lotion on your shoulders and forehead during the relaxation part of the class. Love.

Tomorrow, a few of us are headed out to "First Friday" and we are going to eat a cute little restaurant in the Art Factory, next to the yoga studio called Bar+Bistro. The tables look like paint trays. I'm so in love with our little downtown area. It's pretty shade-ball, but it gives LV some much needed character and sort of brings me back to my Chelsea days. 

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