Sunday, November 7, 2010

weekend recap

All batteries were mysteriously dead upon arrival, resulting in high quality iPhone4 photos:
 A very cool vintage shop on Beverly Blvd
Great pieces for men, women, and children. Store was like a marriage of the 80's and Oklahoma.
 Absolutely amazing vintage store for the home. The owner finds/buys original pieces and refurbishes them. I was lucky enough to meet him and we had a great chat about a few of the pieces.
 If I had a New York loft, I'd love a wall like this.
 I was dying to buy my dad a globe atop an iron casted B52, but unfortunately my wallet would have died too. Next year daddy.
I did walk away with this broach however. I can safely say it will be attached to everything I wear for the next couple of months.
 I'm wearing this number out next week to meet the future hubs
Hands down, the best spiced soy chai tea latte ever from Buzz coffee house on the corner of Beverly and Stanley
Then this happened at Isla on Sunset and Holloway Saturday night. A new standard all bars must meet.

How were your weekends?


Tanya (a Taste of T) said...

Great shots. I can safely say my weekend was not nearly as adventurous as yours.

Miyan said...

love your plane pin! and the vintage shops looks so fun to plow through!