Sunday, November 14, 2010

When I was living in New York and working for menswear designer Andrew Buckler, he had this giant gargantuan scarf in the FW09 collection and I was obsessed with the sample. I told my friend Darrel when I was leaving to return to Indiana, "Darrel, when this collection gets produced PUHLEASE send me that scarf in the mail" and he promised. Boo to you my lovely Darrel for not coming through! FINALLY Yokoo makes it possible to wrap my little neck in 500 layers of wool this winter (in New does not get cold enough in Vegas). The downside is this is about 200$ more than 'free' so I have to decide if my neck is worth it. I think she is, but we're having a discussion. However, I do think all of your necks are worth 2 bills, so hurry on over and pick one up! If you think your heart may be worth a little more, she makes cute vests too;)

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im soo into oversized scarves, love it!
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