Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Christmas Cheer, Even in Sin City

I realized today, while driving home, that Christmas is a tragedy in Las Vegas.

Henderson, the suburb of Las Vegas that I work in, is a great place and there are plenty of homes and shopping districts dressed in the Christmas spirit, but Las Vegas itself is perhaps the 'Scrooge' of the USA. Where would you even put Christmas lights? On the millions of pre-existing neon lights? Would Ceasar don a Santa hat? The only Santas I see around here are drunk and pissing in an alley. Tragedy.

At that thought, I turned around and went out on a mission to "christmas-ify" our condo. No, I didn't get a tree... I'm a fan of real trees and that would require much more work than I had time for tonight so I settled for a wreath made of real pine instead, for scent. I also picked up candy, stock paper, jute, ornaments, and gift tags for a DIY project. I'm not finished yet and we do have lights to string outside, but here's a glimpse of my cozy Tuesday night. Que classical Christmas music and cocoa. 

To make the garland I cut simple shapes from card stock (trees, ornaments, presents) and punched a hole on one side (I hung my trees right-side-up and up-side-down). I then strung the shapes on a piece of jute that I bought from Michael's along with gift tags purchased at Anthropologie. Next, I hung glass ornaments at various lengths using paper clips for the shorter ones and yarn from Anthropologie for the longer. The Russian dolls were actually on the outside of a box of gift cards, also from Anthro, which I immediately ripped off and cut out. I will use those gift tags this season and when I'm through with the garland I can also use the adorable animal tags for gifts all year long.

The clear ornaments will soon be filled with mini marshmallows, the bowl is filled with mints, and the vase is filled with gum drops. Now if only I can keep everyone from eating my decor...

PS. Anthro has the BEST gift wrap and gift accessories ever. They've even put together a wrapping guide here.

Happy Holidays! xo, colby

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Gabriela a.k.a. Naiano said...

lovely pictures! looking forward for new posts! o, and come check my latest posts! let me know if you follow, or if you already are one, so i can follow back! xoxo

Marie a la Mode said...

You did a great job! I wish I was this crafty!

K.Doolin said...

"The only Santas I see around here are drunk and pissing in an alley. Tragedy." - by far my favorite line of the post. not to mention - hysterical!