Friday, December 10, 2010

Four or five years ago my Aunt and Uncle stopped giving gifts and started making donations in mine and my siblings names. They would choose a charity for each of us that they thought best represented our personalities (all different!) and our interests. Last year, I decided to follow suit and made a donation to the Beauty Bus in the name of my extended family.

This year, I've chosen an organization that means a lot to me because it is a close friend's. The organization is SANEJO which means "building tomorrow's generation." The story behind the roots of the organization and it's start is a really cool story I'd love to share sometime but the real grabber is the reason why they started it. His name is David and his grandfather was murdered in the genocide that took place in Rwanda. He was birthed out of wedlock in a secret affair with a nobleman. As he grew he discovered the secret to success was hard work and determination and therefore he set out to learn all he could and to give the gift of knowledge to all of those around him not fortunate enough to go to school. Eventually he and his sons and daughters were killed, leaving just one daughter left to carry his legacy. She had a son, David, who now lives on as part of that legacy.

David and his crew are working with Australian organization "Y-GAP" to build a school and community center in Rwanda so that the children there may also be fortunate enough to learn and prosper. 

This Christmas, Sanejo is offering the unique opportunity to help rebuild Ntenyo Primary School in Rwanda.

30,000 bricks are needed to build one classroom in Ntenyo:
$20 will purchase 400 bricks
$50 will purchase 1000 bricks
$100 will purchase 2000 bricks

I've donated on behalf of my friends and family already and I would love it if any one of you could find it in your heart to donate this Christmas. Even just $5 will buy 100 bricks for these childrens' school.

To donate go to Sanejo's site and click the donate button on the left side. I printed out certificates to give my family members on Christmas day!


kody said...

is there a "like" button for this?


yes kody!! It's called make a donation! ha! you can also check out my latest link as of today, and 'like' their video on facebook for a chance to receive 10k from Ford. Thanks for the interest!