Friday, December 17, 2010

some exciting things today.

1. I just purchased these to make these as shown below.
2. I am making a trip to The Refinery (fav Vegas vintage) in hopes of scoring
    a. a sweet necklace
    b. a NYE dress
    c. unique gifts
    d. all of the above
3. I received a sweet gift basket full of wine and cheeses from a rep today, which I will sharing at
4. My birthday celebration tomorrow via dinner party at my condo followed by a downtown bar crawl
5. I ate chocolate covered pringles (?!?!!)
6. It's raining in Vegas which means a hot bubble bath, my onesie pajamas, and Mad Men marathon


Joanna Blue said...

OUR birthday celebration :)
Looking forward to crawling Downtown with all you lovely people!

Sabina said...

Happy belated birthday!