Friday, January 21, 2011

i really really like this ring. thanks jo, you always know what i like.

in other news, i also really really like this cat:
his name is balthazar, he's a siberian pure bred, and his owner is my friend meggie.
balthazar looks like a lion and acts like a dog. 

i'm thinking my life priorities now are cat then ring. somewhere in the middle is man, but i think that may be the troubling part. the moat, if you will. 

holler, joanna also introduced THIS HOLY HELL AMAZEBALLS boutique hotel booking site to me. yikes trouble. 
my undiagnosed ADD may turn this beautiful boutique hotel in BELIZE (comprised of private bungalows encircled by the sea) into a lethargic nightmare, but ideally this would be an amazing honeymoon spot. god what is wrong with me? cuckoo.

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