Friday, January 14, 2011

It is the owner of this chicken's birthday today! She is a very special person to me and many of my adventures would not be possible, or worth sharing without her. The chicken's name is Ringo, if you're wondering, and he's a native of San Fransisco.

A message from Ringo:
"bwak bwak..thank you for taking me around the united..bwak..states. I have seen so much more than wineries and cute..bwak...boys. you. bwak!! you are the greatest master..bwak..ever! BWAK! OH, and bwak, that you for not eating me or my..bwak..frendz. ROO OOO OOO OO OOOHH!"

Find out who Ringo's master is, after the jump...

ta-da! It's my travel girlfriend, Jen Taler! xoxoxo

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