Wednesday, January 26, 2011

All finished packing for New York and the main theme is warmth. Honestly, I had to buy gloves at Target today because my last pair got a divorce and one half ran off or went into witness protection or something. Don't ask me. What I've realized is that no one in Vegas carries gloves because we don't need them, but if you're looking to buy a bikini in January, be our guest! Who is honestly laying out at the Beach Club in 60 degree weather, I don't know... probably the same people who drink those long, sugary alcoholic beverages shaped like various inanimate objects such as footballs and guitars. May as well stamp 'tourist' on your freakin' forehead. 
(okay, one time I shared a blue football that tasted like sweet tarts).

I managed to fit everything into my extra large, shitty suitcase (I usually receive help from men who pity me when trying to pull it off the baggage claim. Mostly because it's so big, I can fit into it. Trust me, I've done it.) and the contents include my roommates puffer coat, my cape, leather jacket, military jacket, and wool coat (hey, different looks call for different coats!) along with 3 scarfs, 2 hats, and lots of wool socks and tights. This is only possible due to the lack of shoes I am packing...due to the disgusting slush my friends tell me is covering the sidewalks and roads. I did live through a winter in New York and I don't remember preparing for a month long camping trip in Antarctica every time I went outside, but it's been so long I forget what a true winter feels like so I think I am over reacting. The good news is when I go broke, miss my flights, and can't afford to come home and none of my friends have room for me, I'll be able to snuggle up next to Glenda (my old homeless lady.. yes, MY homeless lady) and brave it until Manhattan defrosts and I can start standing in the street naked to raise money for my bus fare back West.

Because I am a free-spirit who also plans (seriously, my personality is confused), I've come up with a spontaneous itinerary- I like to call it a bucket list:
El Quinto Pino- A cool Spanish bar in Chelsea
Tia Pol- cool Spanish tapas restaurant owned by the same people as El Quinto Pino
Bottino- Tuscan restaurant housing a fashionable/artsy crowd (ah, my people)
Spotted Pig- okay not new, but I just love it.
La Esquina- I keep hearing about this place. It's a Mexican place and the kitchen stays open until dawn!
Please Don't Tell- I lost a bet and owe someone a drink here
The Hurricane Club- things are gettin' crazay with my Lucky rep
Hudson Clearwater- mysterious and hidden.. say no more

Pearl River Mart- I have a love for chinese trinkets
Seven New York- cutting edge, unique pieces
Greenwich Letter Press- stationary woohoo!

I'll be posting daily outfits from the trip so get excited to see me, looking like a snow woman.

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Heart Charlie said...

I can't wait to see your NY outfits, I love that your gloves got a divorce ;) I am dealing with some divorce cases in my sock drawer ;)