Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Wow. I just finished re-doing my leopard nails so they'd be fresh for NYC and then I came across this photo on Mimi & Meg and now I want to throw in the towel and start over! Ah, maybe next time. Totally diggin' this rock n roll idea. I used to think nail art was a little.. ahem.. rough around the edges? As long as your nails can't be mistaken for weapons though, I think it's great! The shorter the better with crazy designs such as this. Funny, I was reading a post by He just today saying guys don't care at all what a woman's nails look like as long as they're not dirty, but I have to say with the leopard I have gotten more compliments from men than women! Obviously guys are noticing...they may just not all want to admit it. It's OK He, I still dig your blog.

xo, colby

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Fashion By He said...

very cool nails!!