Saturday, February 12, 2011

DIY project: the indian chair
this handcrafted chair from the 1960's and needpoint cushion from the 1980's was one of my thrifting finds today! my friends know that i am a sucker for anything native american so i had to take this little indian chief chair home with me. i was feeling crafty so i stopped by lowe's on the way home and picked up sandpaper and a quart of valspar satin finish paint in color 'Fired Earth.' in english, it's black-brown.

originally i had planned on working on my dresser today since i spent a small fortune on knobs from anthropologie south of 6 months ago... but hey, impulse always wins with me. i am now the proud owner of a power drill though and i bought it while wearing dries van noten. plus 100 cool points for me.



at home with it's new pillow friend:


Blah Blah Becky said...

This is so nice, well done you! I love the pattern on that pillow.

Thanks for commenting on my blog ^_^ I agree that's the only way to lose weight and like you I seem to lose it only by accident, it's so frustrating to try to lose it and have nothing happen!

Jessica Shearing said...

That is so quirky and unusual! Great find! I really like the buttons down the pillow!

Emily said...

I really am in love with this, and a little jealous haha! I think it looks a lot better with the facelift, the black finish brings out the colors in the cushion more. Great job :)


thanks everyone! I love the color of the chair now- I'm currently painting my dresser the same! It's a black-brown in person, which matches everything. Thrift stores are the