Monday, February 14, 2011

I'm not sure how many of you are following New York Fashion Week, but I'm sure most of you appreciate a good flash mob. Both fashion week attendees as well as confused bystanders were treated to a surprise by high end skiwear label, Moncler, last night in Grand Central Station when the brand featured their autumn/winter 2011 collection via "flash mob!" Over 200 dancers and singers performed to the musical stylings of Bob Fosse. What a unique and effective idea! Everyone is going viral.


You can 'youtube' a better video, but I like this one from an innocent passenger of the Metro-North train! Ha! What a pleasant scene to walk into. Moments like this make me really miss New York, although I'd probably be seeing this scene the same way I did today...

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Lesley said...

Haha! I love flash mobs, especially stylish ones.

Cute blog! Will be back :)