Tuesday, April 19, 2011

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scarf: h&m; shirt: anthro; jacket: michael kors; jeans: joe's; oxfords: sam edelman
photo shot at the arts factory located on charleston and art dr., las vegas, nevada

and thank you crystal gentilello from plush palate and rue magazine for sharing this song. i forgot how much i love this movie and this scene. can you imagine sharing a kiss like that? the tension, the neediness, the slight awkwardness. it gives me chills. can't wait to one day share something like that.

and something funny:
honey badger he just TAKES what he WANTS... he really doesn't give a shit. ew? and he eats snakes? ew.


Heather said...

love this look! where did u go in costa rica? i went to volcano arenal, monteverde, and playa samara, i loved it but how could u not?


Heather said...

i actually see you put where you went..that is where we were debating going! how was mal pais/santa teresa/playa del carmen?? we struggled btw choosing those place and samara


IT WAS AMAZING! Actually preferred Montezuma because there was a little more to do and because I don't surf (yet). It's a major surf area and not really for beginners. The hotel we stayed at was amazing, the people were friendly, and there was a lot of yoga:)