Friday, April 29, 2011

just yesterday i was in an appointment gazing at a pair of glittery, navy blue pumps that sparkled like the ocean kate middleton's sapphire engagement ring (i have 2 hours and 45 minutes left to reference the RW before i self destruct). all the wedding talk lately has me thinking about a trend i've been seeing in my dress shoe business revolving around electric blue satin shoes. and then... today i saw this (i joke).

i saw this amazing photo from a houston couple's handcrafted wedding and i figured i'd share the inspiration for all of you blushing brides (that's you sama, jordan, lauren, ali...):

way to go you, being all nuptially efficient with your something new and something blue all rolled up into one pretty package. now go on and incorporate lots of twirling in your first dance.


lorenabr said...

love the color and wish I had most of the pairs in my closet!

Allison said...

looks like I am spot on... last year I bought some blue satin Badgley & Mischkas to wear under my dress!


Nice Ali! Those will be gorgeous! Loving this trend