Wednesday, April 6, 2011

well boys and girls, i'm off to Costa Rica for the next week! after a waste of 20 minutes on the phone with AT&T, i've come to the conclusion that my phone will be completely off for the next week. i'm not sure what that feels like but i imagine some sort of shaking or common withdrawal symptoms will be present.

i haven't decided whether i'm bringing my 'real' camera or not yet as i won't exactly be staying at resorts and i hear the thieves run rampant;) but really. i do however, have 'pinky' the waterproof camera via heather s. the greatest rep-friend ever so in case you were getting worried you wouldn't see me in my bikini, stop sweating you'll get more than you

until then, here are a few amusing interweb-findings:

10 animals that look like lady flowers (what i got when i googled the above)

the song i always hope comes on the radio (the house music station) right now

a song for my dear friend samantha and her new fiance, david, from the 'acoustic ninja'

in fact, the top 10 wedding songs of all time (i know you were wondering and, you're welcome)

oh and, the top 6 modern wedding songs (aka definitely don't choose these, except maybe the last one)

me and my coworkers celebrating tom's one day without shoes by painting our boss' toes.
is he spoiled or what? just wrong. this is now the back ground of his computer.


Miyan said...

dude! i somehow lost the link to your blog and when i searched for it on google, this weird website came up. anyways, back on track and following once again. have fun on vaycay!!!!!


The Cat Hag said...

Haha this post is so cute!!

Your boss must have felt like a king for a day!! :)

The Cat Hag

Mr__X said...
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mrecio5 said...

love this post.

Henar said...

Aww, this is beautiful,
I love it !

Henar ♥