Tuesday, May 17, 2011

arty mix

came into work today to find this note on my desk.

kathleen, i couldn't agree more!!!!

i've already e-mailed erica at j.crew to find out if i can get my 'paws' on a size 2
(great customer service by the way. got an e-mail back 10 minutes later from lynette!)

now where can i find a knock off equipment blouse?

love the rope, but not the blister. sorry tory. here are my footwear picks. leopard? why not? floral? even better! as long as we're mixing prints here, no need to stop at three. or a hundred.


L.C. said...

Zara for your knock off equiptment blouse. I have seen it there in leopard.

Shoes - either of the Marc Jacobs!


Michelle Lee said...

lovely inspiration :)