Sunday, May 22, 2011

jet set

a few times a year i fall into a whirlwind couple of months without quite realizing it
(hey, i'll never look back at my 20's and wish i had enjoyed it more)
this is one of those times.
the past few weeks have included a random trip to new york where i immediately had my purse stolen, louisville for work, and san fran for the bay to breakers race
the next few weeks include 2 weekends of visitors and another trip to new york

since i'm doing such an awful job of posting anything interesting, here is a little recap via iphone

louisville- horse races at churchill downs and a derby party:

san francisco farmer's market for fresh flowers and a burger from 4505 meats:

this is what happens when you fly too much in too little time. elephantitis of the feet/ankles:

was finally able to visit my old roommate from FIT, LC.
She is one of the most hilarious, creative, and inspiring people i know

bay to breakers 12K 100th year anniversary!

a little craft project that i will post soon:

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