Thursday, May 26, 2011

"There are plenty of ways to argue that new york is the best city in the history of cities. just ask anyone wearing an 'i heart ny' t-shirt. they're easy to spot and they'll go on for at least 20 new york minutes, which, in standard u.s. time, is about seventeen minutes and thirty-two seconds. (the conversation is complicated and depends on the position of earth relative to the moon.)"

i love glamour magazine editor, joanna goddard's, personal blog. she is one rad chick.
today i saw this book on her blog and i had to have it.

if you have friends living in new york, or who have lived in new york, you know how annoying they can be constantly talking about or referring to new york in every sentence as if it is the city to which every other city in the UNIVERSE is compared to. i know, because i am one of those annoying people. i even annoy myself.

hence, the comedy in this title 'i feel relatively neutral about new york.' this book points out the obvious regarding cliche new yorker statements like 'new york pizza is the best!' or 'i like my four seasons.' get real, no one likes winter. if you do, you're an idiot.

the table of contents includes chapters like:
'huge, some-times open stairwells right in the middle of the damn sidewalk'
'a guide to the public restrooms of new york city'

and other hilarious new york-isms

over here: hustle!
over there: bustle!
over here: a small puddle of urine!
over there: still more bustle! 

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