Sunday, May 22, 2011

vegas street treat

until you live in vegas, actually LIVE, you can never imagine nor appreciate this city to its full capacity.
vegas is one of the most interesting places in the US. one of the best ways to see what this place is all about, to feel the hardship its people endure and to experience the creativity that oozes out of it's seams, is to go on a run downtown. wow. 

yesterday, was just one of those runs where i laughed out loud almost the entire run and stopped to explore an antique store i'd never noticed before.

the homeless people of las vegas are something else. i was flipped off, high-fived, complimented, asked for change, chased, accompanied for a block, almost peed on...

gotta love the constant line for the pawn shop where they film 'pawn stars'


Joanna Blue said...

I got pierced at precious slut :-)

hannah said...

I love that you love Vegas :) no other place on earth like this little desert town!


haha joanna blue, shut up?! that's so funny. if i ever get a crazy piercing or tat, i'm definitely going there.