Monday, June 20, 2011

so.. if you follow regularly or are a friend you may think i've gone off the deep end as it's been a while since i've posted. or you may think i have a big ego for thinking you actually care. eh.

truth is, i was traveling a TON (New York-twice-Louisville-San Fran),working a lot, moving apartments, and truth be told... i just haven't been feeling inspired. 

i think that's the worst part. it's kind of scaring me.
we all go through ruts in life and have to face reality and make tough decisions. i've never been a quitter, so today, i woke up... slapped myself around and went to work. after work i went to barre class and signed up for a month because i have no upcoming travel until the end of july.
this next month is all about endorphins, relaxation, and creativity.

and no, i did not fall in love. but if i did, i'd sing this a lot (and maybe i will... )

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