Monday, July 25, 2011

check out GQ's 40 worst-dressed cities list. i recommend this read solely due to the use of the phrase "indefensible style terrorists" in a sentence describing brooklynites. genious.

and luke zaleski's description of vegas? wow!!!! ding ding ding.

"Las Vegas is known as a place people go to behave badly. But it should also be known as a place people go to dress badly. Think: Elvis in his blue (pill) period. This air-conditioned Mecca of unsustainability is the ground zero for white Midwesterners de-boarding the plane dressed in Phil Mickelson-esque pleats, tucked polos and visors and leaving the hotel in more gold jewelry than a Saudi oil baron on a junket in Dubai. The only sure bet in Vegas is that it's never going to run out of three things: hookers, hair gel, and dads wearing square-toed shoes with boot cut jeans and untucked, loudly patterned "Saturday Night" shirts. The town's patron saint of style is Wayne Newton fer Chrissakes! On the GQ Cheese Factor™ scale Vegas makes LA look like Omaha. Nothing is too garish in this desert city of 250,000, the clothes seem designed to camouflage who is a sex-trade worker and who is a sex-trade worker's "work." "What happens in Vegas..."? Yeah, we agree. Keep it there."—Luke Zaleski

now, when people ask me what i do for a living, instead of 'shoe buyer' i can say i am fighting terrorism. how heroic and sexy am i?! welp, off to continue fighting terrorism... 

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