Wednesday, July 27, 2011

HEY! what's inspiring you?

i started this blog to keep the people i care about but, don't get to see that often, a part of my life. i wanted them to see what i was thinking, where i was traveling, and what i was wearing. like my sidebar says 'sometimes i wake up and don't know where i am.' this is due to many reasons... i have moved around a lot, i travel a lot, there's the occasional black out (ehh), and more so than ever because my profession has me constantly planning for the next year.

i don't normally share details about my job as a footwear buyer, but i've been putting in long hours this week prepping for market and my head is full throttle in spring 2012. it may surprise you that footwear trends are just as present and fleeting as apparel trends. in fact, the entire market place from apparel to footwear to beauty and even home, share the same color pallets, materials, and prints and it's important to pick up on these patterns early so you're able to feed your customer demands when they're ready to shop. now that i've seen spring1, i'm impatiently awaiting spring 2, or 'true spring.'

i'm working on a handful of exclusives with brands and am submitting suggestions next week. i don't know about you, but i haven't been able to get marc jacob's spring 2011 ads out of my head all season!! so, this is what i'm inspired by today: 

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