Wednesday, July 27, 2011

stuff you don't want to see (but you do)

hey, marc, this isn't bay to breakers. at least we have the ability to either drink and forget or to run really fast, far, far away from the naked old men there. talk about a BALLSY ad campaign.. heh heh ...

on a more serious note... i dont think this helps robert duffy's case. the brand is in the middle of a law suit after an ex employee (chief operating officer to be exact) claimed duffy created a hostile work environment by displaying gay porn, nude pictures of employees, and requesting lude favors such as pole dances from his employees. is this true? who knows. is this ad campaign crazy? yes. do i like it? well, i'm writing about it.

 yes. you run away.

1 comment:

L.C. said...

I am dying, too funny.

yes, you run away and hopefully to put on some pants.