Sunday, July 10, 2011

when you live in a city like las vegas, you kind of agree to take on the role of 'tour guide' permanently, if not more often than is normal. but, in a city of sin what do you do with a less than legal guest? 

no, it's not all about assembling a wolfpack and driving around the desert looking for cocaine and strippers, but it's hard to even enter many establishments in the lv when you're not 21... so little baby sister, thank you for making me use my nogin!!

The sisters are a comin' to town this weekend and here's what i've come up with for activities just under the legal limit (taylor is 20):

-dinner at firefly followed by a show
-hike red rock mountain and visit a cactus farm
-rent a pontoon boat at lake mead (and take a photo being silly at the hoover dam)
-tour de downtown (mob stops, antique stores, and a meal at the peppermill)
-jump off of the stratosphere (try not to die)
-ride the roller coaster at new york, new york (try not to throw up)
-take a gondola ride at the venetian (try not to stare at cute gondola boy's butt. ok, do)
-zipline down fremont st
-shop, of course

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    Marie Badylak said...

    All of that sounds so fun!! Sometimes I wish I was less than legal so I'd think outside the box a little more often haha.