Sunday, August 7, 2011

this past week could easily be a scene in a remake to the wizard of oz where dorothy is swirled away to new lands by a honeybadger tornado and finds herself in an emotional journey, only me being dorothy, the tornado being a combination of a few 737's and a very late new jersey transit system, the new strange place being the jersey shore, and the little dancing midgets? well that's just norm on the streets of new york. so yeah. 

the less weird version is that i left friday in the wee hours of the mornings, traveled cross country to new york city, cabbed it to penn station, jumped on a train to the shore, and spent the weekend frolicking in the ocean, walking to 'tiki's' to enjoy my first fresh squeeze, and making new friends. most interesting set are the guys i met on the train who offered me a beer, then proceeded to whip out a guitar and sing me a song about beer while i sipped my beer. photo here:

sunday, i rode back up to the city in a little convertible with 3 guys and a new souvineer named domo. it was a great way to end the weekend with laughter, sun, and wind. not to mention, the first sighting of city skyline always gives me butterflies.

i spent the next week in the city for FFANY (fashion footwear association of new york) checking out spring 2012 footwear collections, meeting up with old friends and shoe reps, and trying out new tasty restaurants.
1. pipa's - a very hip tapas restaurant located on 19th st. and broadway. visually stimulating, there were chandeliers (for sale!) hanging from every inch of the ceiling, aurally stimulating, there was a fun band playing every so often in the corner. gustatoraly stimulating, they served great sangria and delicious miniature food (not so miniature you leave hungry).
2. the lion- blessed by rad ladies night out fairies, we endured a longer than anticipated wait but were thanked with complimentary champagne and the best table in the house. preceding guests included leo himself.
3. BLT prime- one of my favorites, if only for the popovers!!!
4. marc forgione- aaaamazing restuarant, if you get the chance to enjoy please order the 'experience.' my favorite dish was a deep fried oyster with the works, accompanied by a shot of beer. 

5. burger joint- the moment i told anyone we were staying at the Parker, i was told i must go here. they were correct. the line was a bit long so, i still think BRGR is the place to go. however, because i could go down without leaving the building and proceed to carry my beer back upstairs, it won me over. ps. cash only.

now that i'm back in the desert that i call home, it always takes a couple of days to recover and adjust to this lifestyle. today, i think i'll meet friends for brunch at DW's and then lay by the pool with tina fey (the book) and a few magazines. let's save the real world for tomorrow.

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