Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Room for Living

Room for Living

so, a couple of weeks ago i said i thought my living room needed some love. i wasn't exactly thinking it would come in the form of an extinct terrestrial vertebrate but low and behold vic stole my heart (the green guy growing succulent from his spine). but i couldn't let vic live a life alone inside a glass cube 34 floors up, so i had to bring 3 of his friends along. paired with my new geometric rug from west elm and the plethora of tribal pillows already occupying my sofas, i think we're making progress here.

ps. i bought vic in austin from rad couple from socal who do this for a living. it is by far and away the most awesome thing i have encountered in a while. you can buy vic's twin brother and friends at

UPDATE** i finally purchased each of these things and i have to say, the living room is definitely getting liiiiived in 

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