Tuesday, November 1, 2011


hello. my name is lord montgomery, or as my human calls me, monty or mont-ster. i guess the last one comes on account of me being 'big boned.' whatever. i'm a maine coon. i was born and raised in los angeles but about a month ago, kristin came and adopted me and brought me back to las vegas. i love being a sin city kitty, i was born for high rise living in the bright lights. kristin and the other human, katie, have been jet-setting around the country basically all of october so kristin asked me to update this blog for her. she lets me snuggle in her bed with her at night which is nice because sometimes i get nightmares. my favorite thing is to be held like a baby and have my tummy rubbed or my mane brushed. how else do you think this beautiful raven colored hair stays so perfect? anyways, i'm getting hungry and i know where i can find a treat, so i'm off. i've got these humans wrapped around my paws.

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