Monday, November 14, 2011


when i was in junior high, i had an obsession with the dollhouse aisle at our local craft store. i wanted one of those doll houses more than the time i slept with the american girl catalog under my pillow for a month. finally, my parents gave in (these things are quite pricey- thanks dad!) and i got the dollhouse of my dreams!! ... it was never built. i guess my 13-year-old self didn't have the know how or more so the determination to do it myself and my parents probably didn't want to buy it in the first place because they knew they didn't have time to sit with my ADD self and help me build it. now that i look back i can't believe we wasted all of that money and more importantly, FUN!? 

needless to say, the I'M A GIANT dollhouse challenge is blowing my mind. a handmade mini flokati rug?! ebony stained floors? i really can't get over it. 

Check out the others here:

flippin dollhouse


debra said...

Super excited to be featured on your blog! Thanks so much!

Jennifer said...

Yay! Thanks for linking to me too! It's flippin' awesome! :)

Max said...

Kia Ora, thanks for the mention. I do home your going to blow the dust off your unopened dolly house and join in! Max x