Wednesday, February 29, 2012


okayyyy, if you follow me on twitter, you already know of my obsession with kale.

i'm going to share something personal today. my first year in vegas i had a very serious, long distance relationship in a completely different time zone, i didn't have many friends, and i wasn't traveling or taking clients to fancy smancy dinners. needless to say, i lost a little weight on my already small body. by the end of that year and i had made a lot of friends, my long distance relationship ended, and i got my own portfolio at the office. i began going out more (way more), traveling (all the time), and consistently eating out with coworkers and vendors. this lead to a slowly but progressively climbing number on the scale for the next year and a half. 20 pounds later, suddenly i realized i wasn't so comfortable in my clothes anymore and i didn't have as much confidence in my body as i used to. let's just say that 'day' wasn't too long ago...

i've begun to focus first on my diet. a crash diet won't work for me, my schedule is inconsistent which makes it easy to fall of the wagon. i'm not a good candidate for any quick fix protein diets either, because a) i'm a little sqirmish about meat and b) i am lactose intolerant. I eat about 75% vegetarian by taste preference already so i started reading blogs (here and here) on raw food diets and veganism. i have no intention on going to that end of the spectrum, but i noticed a consistent theme here and it was that these women are focused on internal health which naturally lends itself to a slender body, great skin, and higher energy. none of these women went vegan cold turkey-- they encourage ADDING before subtracting food groups-- and i like that. 

so, i have started experimenting. it's been about 3 weeks now and i've been incorporating more plant based foods into my meals. i still add fish like mahi mahi or tilapia to my greens a few times a week. one of the foods i've discovered i REALLY like is kale. the grocer even noticed my obsession (i may have to start rotating trader joe locations! ha!) and it's caught on with some girls in the office. a few people have asked how i prepare it and what i pair it with, so here are a couple recipes that i love.

GREEN JUICE! you'll need a juicer
~2 cups (half a bag) of kale
~1 fuji apple
~4 oz 100% organic carrot juice (trust me, juicing carrots yourself is not fun)
~organic ginger root (just a small piece at a time)
stir, and enjoy! i find the taste to be delicious and you will be bouncing off the walls with energy. juicing is apparently the quickest way to get your metabolism going in the morning and to enjoy all of the wonderful nutrients.

KALE OMELET (or in my case, an almost scrambled egg with kale mixed in)
~2 eggs
add both to skillet and place lid on so that the kale wilts and the eggs cook simultaneously. sprinkle with sea salt and enjoy!

~1 cup kale
~steamed broccoli
~any other veggies you like
~fish, if you choose (we usually have grilled salmon in our cafe!)
~lemon juice
~evoo (even better if you have olive oil with lemon juice in it!)
using your hands, tear the kale into smaller pieces and drizzle with olive oil and lemon juice
"massage" the olive oil/lemon juice combo into the leaves until they begin to wilt
heat the kale in the microwave for 1:30 or 2 minutes. side note: lemon juice and microwave apparently is the best way to absorb nutrients even more than raw? plus it tastes damn good this way.
add your veggies/meat and now here is my favorite part: salt and drench in cholula (that's up to you)

KALE SALAD (agggaaain)
~1 cup kale
~steamed broccoli (okay, i use frozen)
~5-6 brussel sprouts (again, i use frozen)
~tilapia (yes, again, frozen. thank you trader joes for giving me what father time does not)
~lemon juice
same process. wilt the kale, microwave, and salt.

~1 cup kale
~steamed broccoli
~lemon juice
~ pomegranate seeds
same process as above for wilting kale. i find it somewhat bitter when it's not microwaved.

snack/dessert to curb sweet craving:
~frozen mixed berries or mango chunks
~almond milk
~can add 1 tbsp all natural almond butter if you wish (it's yummy!)
in a blender, combine all ingredients. enjoy!

~1 small banana
~ 1-2 TBSP all natural almond butter with flaxseed
~almond milk (i use original, but you could use vanilla if you want it sweeter)
in a blender, combine these 3 ingredients until smooth. pour over ice, and enjoy!

ps. i am no nutritionist so seriously, read the blogs i linked for any supporting health facts


Jen said...

have you tried kale chips yet? :)


I have not, but it is my next venture! I hear great things. If you have a great recipe, I'd love to try it:)