Wednesday, February 8, 2012


when i changed my major in college from fashion design to merchandising to be a buyer, i had no idea how much math would be involved. that may sound dumb, but i really had no idea. it's not complicated, but it is often tedious. there are days i sit at my desk for 10 hours with no lunch and calculate and recalculate individual brand plans 10 times before they all roll up into a number finance likes. buyers are ALWAYS more optimistic about sales figures than finance is, obviously, because we think everything we choose to buy is amazing and we count on it selling ;) 

at some point you stop thinking about these sales as actual product (shoes, in my case) and see them as a figure. sometimes, i have to step back and try to imagine my shelves stocked with all the shoes i have chosen to sell for a season and then i either add styles/pairs or take them away depending on how business is going. if i have enough time, i'll print out photos and line them up by delivery but, i am usually way too busy for that.

and that's the dirty truth about buying.

PS. i still think it's as glamorous and fun as i imagined it to be.

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