Monday, May 28, 2012


went to see young the giant on saturday with my friend monica (grandma moses) at the boulevard pool at the cosmopolitan hotel in las vegas. the blvd pool has quickly risen to the top of my venue hierchy in the city! you're standing in a swimming pool in the middle of the strip with the view of the city all around you and this little intimate stage with a huge screen playing the concert for those below the venue. the cosmopolitan is definitely the 'hippest' hotel on the strip and the scene at the blvd pool is not lacking its fair share of cool kids and friendly bartenders.  i, for one, very much enjoy drinking a fosters the size of my head while getting my groove on.

young the giant was better than i ever expected. sameer's voice is so wonderfuly rich and smooth live, i could have stayed and listened for hours. oh right, i did that. other than almost being molested by a south american looking brit with a tear in a disturbingly inappropriate region of his jeans, the crowd was pretty chill. there are a handful of great restaurants and lounges that take residence at the cosmo to grab apres concert drinks or dinner and monica and i did just that. we had a quick stop off at blue ribbon sushi for a couple rounds of sake followed by fried delishiousness at holstein's before her big sis picked us up, which was reminiscent of high school days- in a good way.

only a mere 2 days later, i decided it was a good time to finally fetch my car from the hotel (mint julep, my trusty bike stepped up to the plate in the mean time) but rather than take an annoying taxi ride, i tuned in to young the giant via earphones and half danced my butt from my condo at the north end of the strip all the way down to the cosmo. it was actually a great distraction from my life (read: love life) which has taken a downward spiral in the local region (hank goodness i keep a stock of charming gents in various other regions. wait, what?). best parts: vegan chocolate chip cookie pit stop at red velvet cafe and the bellagio fountains (corny alert!!) playing "proud to be an american" full blast. worst part: constant arsenal of drunk homeless men and strollers (seriously, WHO brings a baby to the strip?!).

check out this cute vid:

and the final cut here:

fyi: my favorite song is "i got"

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