Wednesday, July 18, 2012


i think at some point in life, we all go after something we really want and we throw ourselves into it and give it a real hard try and then we realize that the dream, the end goal, isn't actually the end but rather the beginning. sometimes, we don't know what it is the beginning of. i think i'm at that point and i'm finding it increasingly difficult to be motivated in the here and now because i know there's something else on the other side of this rainbow.

what i do know, is this is not failure. on the contrary, this is success. i had a dream, i went for it, i've been living it for a long time and it has been exactly what i thought it would be like-wonderful in more ways than not.

i guess you could say, i'm back in bed but i haven't hit REM yet. hovering around 3 or 4.

things i will do:
take inventory of my vintage
buy film for my holga
read my NIKON manual/learn to set up my tripod and use my remote
read read read
start going to yoga again (again)
illustrate/paint more
talk to as many people as will talk to me about business

photo: source unknown- please share if you know

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