Friday, July 6, 2012


where to begin? oh, yes. australia. the land down unda. across the big pond. aye. mate.

so. i flew. on an airplane. for a reaaaaaaaaly sinfully, long, no good, very bad very cramped long time. and i landed. and everything was... similar, almost too similar but at the same time, upside-down different in a way that you don't noticed until it's 9pm and suddenly your brain hurts and  you get very tired because you realize the whole day your mind was busy working hard to process all the miniscule differences like getting in the drivers seat to be a passenger or looking left and then right to cross the road, or to ask for 'credit-sign' every time you hand over your plastic, or to answer 'how you going?' with 'great' and not ' foot?'

that's what australia is like. oh, and then there is a mass of utter beauty. rolling hills with sleepy little old english houses perched upon them. green, green grass. sandy beaches. charging waves. quietness. strange, exotic looking birds sitting on commonplace telephone wires. fresh, crazy-good orange juice and lots and LOTS of avo's (avocado) and nooooo wifi to be found anywhere except random street corners that have you standing there mass e-mailing and posting on facebook looking like a streetwalker. yup. so there's that.

and then everything in your gut says fuck it fuck it fuck it fuck it let's just jump out of a plane because if we're gonna die, it may as well be here. so you do. and you live. and then you get on another airplane (that you decide to stay inside of). 

and you're left, after another reaaaaaaaaly sinfully, long, no good, very bad very cramped long time in flight on an airplane, wondering if all that actually happened and why is everyone driving on the wrong side of the road in nevada and where ARE ALL THE DAMN AVACADOS i just want my avocado please. and you're also left with an alarming amount of iphone photos for such a short two weeks and not a single photo from that contraption you paid so much money for that supposedly takes, like, really good ones but you don't actually know how to use it properly and it taunts you from the corner of your bedroom. but at least you have photos. and you can share them:


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